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There are just 2 elements to holeing every putt
namely, line & length. We've got them both covered with 2 NEW products...


Control your line with RepairAlign

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Repair Align

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Control your length with the Consistent Putter


Consistent Putter

Consistent Putter

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I love the discipline that the repairalign gives me. I'm now hitting my putting lines and beating my buddies.

Andy Jones

I now hit all my putts with a lot of confidence and don't miss those pesky little short putts any more. Amazing new gear.

Belinda Coe
New York

Cured my yipps which I sometimes developed under pressure. Playing off a seven handicap and loving my golf again.

John James

Consistent putter is amazing in every way. This putter takes innovation to a new level, while keeping the looks and feel as sexy as possible. Saving 2-4 shots every round.

Chris Cole

The search is over. I’ve found the perfect putter. Puts great roll on the ball. As solid feel as any Scotty I’ve ever used. The ability to align my putt is awesome and I can see the target line on the prism.

Ray Smith

Can't tell you how happy I am with this RepairAlign. I don’t believe how far off I was aligned on some putts when I stepped back to see. Made my first eagle Wed.

Simon Drury

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