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Control your length…

Master your putting stroke with our state-of-the-art alignment prism, designed to help you consistently find the sweet spot for optimal distance control. Propel your putting skill to professional standards and confidently drain more putts with a putter that incorporates elite pro coaching philosophy.

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Elite pro coaching philosophy statement

"Consistency in putting stems for creating three consistent starting positions at address:

  • Consistent hand position on the grip
  • Consistent eye position above the target line.
  • Consistent ball position in the stance."

1. Consistent hand position on the grip

Feel the difference with our deep-etched grip, allowing you to establish and maintain a consistent hand position for a variety of putt lengths. This key technique will revolutionize your distance control.

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2. Consistent eye position above the target line

Experience the innovation with marked lines on the prism's surfaces. When the top dark red line aligns perfectly with the lighter red line on the bottom, you'll know your eyes are directly above the target line. This provides you with a laser-like guide for precise aiming.


3. Consistent ball position in the stance

The integrated grip and prism will guide you effortlessly into the ideal putting posture, ensuring a consistent ball position in your stance. With the recommended slightly forward ball position, you'll strike the ball with a controlled ascending blow, minimizing skid and ensuring a smooth end-over-end roll.

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Complies with The Rules of Golf

The Consistent Putter is proudly adheres to the equipment standards guidelines set by the USGA and R&A, elevate your golfing experience while maintaining the spirit of fair play with The Consistent Putter


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